York Cafes & Restaurants

  • York has many places to enjoy a coffee, or cup of tea with some delicacies. Great meals can be had in a range of places too.
    Many of these are obvious in the main street but there are also several in other places around the town.
Cafes and Restaurants in York :-

152 Avon Terrace, York

Dayzies - Ice Cream and Cafe
98 Avon Terrace, York
Phone 0408 009 445

Flavours Icecreamery York
98 Avon Terrace, York

Golden York Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway
143 Avon Terrace, York

Greenhills Inn
Phone 0896414095

Imperial Homestead
Established 1886
Phone (08) 96894239

Jules Shoppe -
Cafe & Takeaway

  121Avon Terrace, York, WA, 6302

Settler's Cafe
135 Avon Terrace, York
Cafe & Takeaway -- Phone 96412600
Also on Facebook - Email settlerscafe@outlook.com

Settlers House York
125 Avon Terrace, York

Olive Branch Tearooms
Phone (08) 96411320