York Information Technology

  • York is fortunate to be close to the city yet has excellent local business support.
    Our IT support is generally home based businesses that will come to you in your time of need. They can also supply most of your needs at very competitive rates.
IT in the Shire of York :-

Oliver Rural IT Solutions
Computers (new and upgrades), mainainence, networks, troubleshooting, etc.
Internet & Email programmes from various suppliers.
Security - antivirus, firewall, spam, malware, etc
Websites, hosting, email hosting, etc
We come to you, or you come to us - whatever suits.
Remote access support with Teamviewer
Call John on 0427412130
Email John@OliverRural.com.au
Website  http://www.oliverrural.com.au
P.O. Box 447, York, WA, 6302

Budiselik Information Technology Services

Phone 0429108020

York Community Resource Centres
89 Avon Terrace, York
Phone (08) 9641 2328
Email crcreception@westnet.com.au
Website http://www.yorkcrc.net.au
Computers and Internet Access