Birds in York

  • There are a range locations to observe birlife in and around York.

Birds in the Shire of York :-

Town Pool
Between the swing bridge and the Balladong Bridge
Black Duck, teal, grebe, white faced heron, coot,

Walking path from the swing bridge northwards toward Water Street
As for the Town Pool, Plus: red capped robin, yellow rumped thornbill, yellow billed spoonbill, silvereye,

Mount Brown
Galah, raven, magpie, willie wagtail, yellow rumped thornbill, singing honeyeater, corella, ringneck parrots (28s and Port Lincoln varieties)

Bushland Garden in Grey Street
Magpie, sining honeyeater, thornbills, brown honeyeater, red wattlebird, spiny cheeked honeyeater, mistletoe bird,

Wandoo National Park
All of the above in appropriate locations plus red tailed black cockatoo, Carnaby cockatoo, splendid wren, western gerygone,