Sporting Clubs

  • York has a wide range of sporting clubs and associations providing for the needs of all age groups.
    These are run by volunteers within our community and are open to all members of our community
Sporting Clubs and Associations :-

Bowling Club
The greens are located at the sports complex.
Contact Pat Hooper on 0417 935 998 or Gary Ashworth on 0428 288 932

Training at the Sports complex.
Phone (08) 0641 1765

Croquet Club
On Glebe Street, just over the river from Avon Park.
Contact Eric on 0896 411 136

Seniors and juniors train at the sports complex.

There are two fields located at the south east corner of the sports complex.

The courts are located at the sports complex.

York Racing Inc
Phone (08) 9641 1131, and see our events on the calendar.